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Category : General
Number of Pages : 338
Published In : 1996
Available In : Hard Bound

A revised and modified authentic work presents the Apabhramsa language in its original form, its developed trend, various dialects of Prakrit, difference between Prakrit and Apabhramsa keeping in mind of the context of Vedic language, Avestan and Prakrit along with the importance of Apabhramsa language and literature in the background form of modern Indian Aryan languages. And presents a brief and pithy interpretation of the available literature, inscriptions, etc.

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Category : General
Number of Pages : 284
Published In : 1993
Available In : Hard Bound

Almost all readers of this generation are familiar with the women-characters of Sharat. A very precise and sympathetic analysis of Sharat's immortal women-characters is presented by Dr. Ramswarup Chaturvedi.

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Category : General Moortidevi Granthamala
Number of Pages : 220
Published In : 2008
Available In : Hard Bound
ISBN : 978-81-263-1657-1

Namokar Mahamantra's dignity is well known. The accent is also glorified. This is also a matter of prayer, practice and experience. On being the trust and integrity it leads to the self-welfare and temporal emergence. This creation opens such deep aspects of the Mangal-Mantra which make it an exploratory and fundamental work. It also has shown that Namokar Mantra is the essence of all Dwadashang Jinwani, all of the mantra science is originated from this Mahamantra only.

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Category : General Moortidevi Granthamala
Number of Pages : 222
Published In : 2010
Available In : Hard Bound
ISBN : 978-81-263-1927-5

'Kevalajnan-prashna-choodamani'- means to take the name of any flower, fruit, god, river or mountain and guess what you want. Life-death, profit-loss, coalition-separation, pleasure-pain, one object of the theft, time to back of immigrant, son or daughter received, winning-losing the case,whatever you want, ask and get the answers yourself. 'Kevalajnan-prashna-choodamani' question-science is a short work but important and miraculous treatise. Question-science is part of astrology. The questions are answered according to the interrogator's question without using the horoscope.

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Category : General Moortidevi Granthamala
Number of Pages : 520
Published In : 2009
Available In : Hard Bound
ISBN : 978-81-263-1676-2

It is an important treatise rendering ashtanga-nimitta in Jain astrology. Experts of nimittashashtra recognizes that before each event occurs there is some disorder in nature which is seen whose right identity by a person enables him to easily visualize good and bad events of future.

Edited and translated by : Dr. Nemichandra Shastri, Jyotishacharya

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