Hon'ble President of India will present Jnanpith to Krishna Sobti on 10th Feb 2018 in New Delhi

Category : astrology
Number of Pages : 520
Published In : 2013
Available In : Hard Bound
ISBN : 978-93-263-5151-5

It is an important treatise rendering ashtanga-nimitta in Jain astrology. Experts of nimittashashtra recognizes that before each event occurs there is some disorder in nature which is seen whose right identity by a person enables him to easily visualise good and bad events of future.

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Category : astrology
Number of Pages : 446
Published In : 2015
Available In : Hard Bound
ISBN : 978-81-263-4045-3

Astrology-science is a unique invention of India, whose importance is also recognized by the West. Under this science, demonstration of the entire process comes in which joy-sorrow, happiness-sadness, rise-fall, profit-loss, etc., futures of human life can already be known. The book is an authentic Text of this subject.

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